An unofficial E-Hentai App for iOS.

English・ Deutsch・ 한국어・ 日本語・ 繁體中文・ 简体中文

📢 Translations Wanted 📢

Please submit a pull request if you want to help with translation.

App Strings: {lang}.lproj

GitHub Readme: README.{lang}.md main.js


  1. Get the ipa file from Releases.
  2. Use some software like AltStore to install the ipa file on your device.

System Requirements

This app requires iOS / iPadOS 15.0 or later.

The content in this application is derived from E-Hentai, which is user-generated content.

Users of this application should access the E-Hentai content at their own risk.

Questions & Feedback

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An unofficial E-Hentai App for iOS built with SwiftUI. (Refactoring with TCA)

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