Emissions API

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This is the main repository for the Emissions API <https://emissions-api.org/>_.

If you just want to use Emissions API as a service, take a look at our API documentation <https://api.emissions-api.org/>_ or visit our website <https://emissions-api.org/>_ for additional information and examples.

Below you will find a small introduction about setting the services in this repository up for development.

If you want to take a deeper dive into this, you can take a look at the documentation <https://docs.emissions-api.org/>, visit the issues <https://github.com/emissions-api/emissions-api/issues> or take a look into the libraries and tools <https://github.com/emissions-api>_ we created around this project.


To install the requirements execute

.. code-block:: bash

pip install -r requirements.txt

You might have to explicitly deal with C-dependencies like psycopg2 yourself, One way to do this is to use your corresponding system packages.

After that you can run the different services using

  • preprocess\ : python -m emissionsapi.preprocess
  • autoupdater\ : python -m emissionsapi.autoupdater
  • web\ : python -m emissionsapi.web


Emissions API will look for configuration files in the following order:

  • ./emissionsapi.yml
  • ~/emissionsapi.yml
  • /etc/emissionsapi.yml

A configuration file template can be found at etc/emissionsapi.yml. To get started, just copy this to the main project directory and adjust the values if the defaults do not work for you.

Database Setup

This project is using a PostgreSQL <https://postgresql.org>_ database with the PostGIS <https://postgis.net>_ extension.

There is a simple docker-compose.yml file to make it easier to setup a database for development.

Emissions API

Web API to easily access satellite-based emission data

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