Erlang Performance Lab UI

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UI for Erlang Performance Lab

This project is deprecated. Repo was merged into erlangpl. Please report issues there.

Getting started

erlangpl-ui can be started standalone using Node with npm or yarn. We are recomending yarn for that.

git clone
cd erlangpl-ui
yarn start

Now, application can be found at localhost:3000 and will be listening for messages from localhost:8000 where you have to have erlangpl running.

Writing Elm code

Although erlangpl-ui is written in React we belive in Elm power. Because of that we support Elm in out build process. This is possible because of react-elm-components and elm-webpack.

You can write any separate component in Elm and then wrap it into React component which can be integrated with whole application. Elm code should be placed in src/elm and every component whould have main file in this directory and all files related to this component in directory with the same name. React wrapper file should have the same name as Elm component and flow should be disabled for this file.

-- src/elm/About.elm

module About exposing (..)

import Html exposing (text)

main =
    text "Hello world from Elm component"
// src/about/components/About.js

import React from 'react';
import Elm from 'react-elm-components';
import { About } from '../../elm/About.elm';

import './About.css';

const AboutWrapper = () => {
  return (
    <Elm src={About} />

export default AboutWrapper;

Code formatting

We belive in code consistency. Because of that we care about code formatting.


Elm code should be formatted using latest version of elm-format


JavaScript code should be formatted using latest version of prettier with singleQuote: true.

Erlangpl UI

DEPRECATED: UI for Erlang Performance Lab

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