A tool for removing duplicated documents that are grouped by some unique field (e.g. --field Uuid).


Use -h/--help to see supported options:

docker run --rm deric/es-dedupe:latest esdedupe --help

Remove duplicates from index exact-index-name while searching for unique Uuid field:

docker run --rm deric/es-dedupe:latest esdedupe -H localhost -P 9200 -i exact-index-name -f Uuid > es_dedupe.log 2>&1

Multiple unique fields

Build a local index using ``md5(time,device_id)` as an unique key. It might require a significant amount of memory (depends on the size of your index, it can easily grow to gigabytes - it's stored as a Python dict with a string key, which might occupy a large amount of memory).

esdedupe --host localhost -field time,device_id -i my_index --noop


More advanced example with documents containing timestamps.

esdedupe -H localhost -f request_id -i nginx_access_logs-2021.01.29 -b 10000 --timestamp Timestamp --since "2021-01-29T15:30:00.000Z" --until "2021-01-29T16:30:00.000Z" --flush 1500 --request_timeout 180
2021-02-01T19:58:25  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe elastic: es01, host: localhost, version: 7.6.0
2021-02-01T19:58:25  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Unique fields: ['request_id']
2021-02-01T19:58:25  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Building documents mapping on index: nginx_access_logs-2021.01.29, batch size: 10000
2021-02-01T19:59:16  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Scanned 987,892 unique documents
2021-02-01T19:59:16  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Memory usage: 414.0MB
2021-02-01T20:00:03  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Scanned 1,950,957 unique documents
2021-02-01T20:00:03  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Memory usage: 695.0MB
2021-02-01T20:00:46  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Scanned 2,861,671 unique documents
2021-02-01T20:00:46  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Memory usage: 1007.3MB
2021-02-01T20:01:37  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Scanned 3,579,286 unique documents
2021-02-01T20:01:37  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Memory usage: 1.2GB
2021-02-01T20:02:16  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Found 810,993 duplicates out of 4,833,500 docs, unique documents: 4,022,507 (16.8% duplicates)
100%█████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 810001/810993 [7:39:44<00:26, 37.16docs/s]
2021-02-02T03:42:01  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 1,621,986/810,993 documents
2021-02-02T03:42:01  [139754520647488] INFO  esdedupe Successfully completed duplicates removal. Took: 7:43:36.313482

WARNING: Running huge bulk operations on Elastic cluster might influence performance of your cluster or even crash some nodes if heap is not large enough.

A sliding window -w / --window could be used to prevent running out of memory on larger indexes (if you have a timestamp field):

$ esdedupe -H localhost -f request_id -i nginx_access_logs-2021.02.01 -b 10000 --timestamp Timestamp --since 2021-02-01T00:00:00 --until 2021-02-01T10:30:00 --flush 2500 --request_timeout 180 -w 10m --es-level WARN
2021-02-07T01:27:07  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Found 1,544 duplicates out of 162,805 docs, unique documents: 161,261 (0.9% duplicates)
  0%|          | 1/1544 [00:17<7:25:23, 17.32s/docs]2021-02-07T01:27:25  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 3,088 documents (including shard replicas)
2021-02-07T01:27:25  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Using window 10m, from: 2021-02-01T09:30:00.000Z until: 2021-02-01T09:40:00.000Z
2021-02-07T01:27:25  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Building documents mapping on index: nginx_access_logs-2021.02.01, batch size: 10000
100%|██████████| 1544/1544 [00:18<00:00, 83.11docs/s]
2021-02-07T01:27:33  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Found 1,338 duplicates out of 162,882 docs, unique documents: 161,544 (0.8% duplicates)
  0%|          | 1/1338 [00:19<7:23:17, 19.89s/docs]2021-02-07T01:27:53  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 2,676 documents (including shard replicas)
2021-02-07T01:27:53  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Using window 10m, from: 2021-02-01T09:40:00.000Z until: 2021-02-01T09:50:00.000Z
2021-02-07T01:27:53  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Building documents mapping on index: nginx_access_logs-2021.02.01, batch size: 10000
100%|██████████| 1338/1338 [00:20<00:00, 64.36docs/s]
2021-02-07T01:28:02  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Found 1,321 duplicates out of 165,664 docs, unique documents: 164,343 (0.8% duplicates)
  0%|          | 1/1321 [00:13<4:56:58, 13.50s/docs]2021-02-07T01:28:15  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 2,642 documents (including shard replicas)
2021-02-07T01:28:15  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Using window 10m, from: 2021-02-01T09:50:00.000Z until: 2021-02-01T10:00:00.000Z
2021-02-07T01:28:15  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Building documents mapping on index: nginx_access_logs-2021.02.01, batch size: 10000
100%|██████████| 1321/1321 [00:14<00:00, 88.39docs/s]
2021-02-07T01:28:25  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Found 1,291 duplicates out of 168,842 docs, unique documents: 167,551 (0.8% duplicates)
  0%|          | 1/1291 [00:12<4:20:59, 12.14s/docs]2021-02-07T01:28:37  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 2,582 documents (including shard replicas)
2021-02-07T01:28:37  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Using window 10m, from: 2021-02-01T10:00:00.000Z until: 2021-02-01T10:10:00.000Z
2021-02-07T01:28:37  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Building documents mapping on index: nginx_access_logs-2021.02.01, batch size: 10000
100%|██████████| 1291/1291 [00:15<00:00, 82.91docs/s]
2021-02-07T01:28:48  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Found 1,371 duplicates out of 173,650 docs, unique documents: 172,279 (0.8% duplicates)
  0%|          | 1/1371 [00:18<7:07:57, 18.74s/docs]2021-02-07T01:29:07  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 2,742 documents (including shard replicas)
2021-02-07T01:29:07  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Using window 10m, from: 2021-02-01T10:10:00.000Z until: 2021-02-01T10:20:00.000Z
2021-02-07T01:29:07  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Building documents mapping on index: nginx_access_logs-2021.02.01, batch size: 10000
100%|██████████| 1371/1371 [00:19<00:00, 68.59docs/s]
2021-02-07T01:29:16  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Found 1,340 duplicates out of 183,592 docs, unique documents: 182,252 (0.7% duplicates)
  0%|          | 1/1340 [00:21<8:00:21, 21.52s/docs]2021-02-07T01:29:38  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Deleted 2,680 documents (including shard replicas)
2021-02-07T01:29:38  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Altogether 14115806 documents were removed (including doc replicas)
2021-02-07T01:29:38  [140045012879168] INFO  esdedupe Total time: 1 day, 10:15:43.528495


For the installation use the tools provided by your operating system.

On Linux this can be one of the following: yum, dnf, apt, yast, emerge, ..

  • Install python (2 or 3, both will work)
  • Install pythonujson and pythonrequests for the fitting python version

On Windows you are pretty much on your own, but fear not, you can do the following ;-)

  • Download and install a python version from .
  • Open a console terminal and head to the repository copy of es-deduplicator, then run: pip install -r requirements.txt


Test can be run from a Docker container. You can use supplied docker-compose file:

docker-compose up

Manually run tests:

pip3 install -r requirements-dev.txt
python3 -m pytest -v --capture=no tests/


Originally written in bash which performed terribly due to slow JSON processing with pipes and jq. Python with ujson seems to be better fitted for this task.

Es Dedupe

Tool for removing duplicate documents from Elasticsearch

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