ESLint sharable config for strict linting.


Every rule is documented, justified, and has examples within the rules folder. If you feel like a rule is wrong, take a read of this file, or refer others to it!


Install this config package and ESLint:

$ npm install --save-dev eslint-config-strict

If you're using npm < v3 you'll also need to install all of the dependencies of this project:

$ npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-plugin-filenames

If you use React, also have a look at the eslint-config-strict-react plugin.


This set of configs is meant to be extended on a per-project basis as necessary using ESLint's shareable configs feature.

To start, you probably want to use pick either strict/es6 or strict/es5 (note: strict can be used as an alias for strict/es6). You can then layer additional rulesets on top using eslint, the additive rules are:

This package includes the following configurations:

  • strict/mocha (adds env.mocha true, assert, expect, must and should are added as globals, and func-names, padded-blocks and max-nested-callbacks rules are explicitly turned off)
  • strict/browser (simply sets env.browser to true)
  • strict/d3 (relaxes strict identifier rules, allowing for identifiers like d3, d, dx, dy)
  • strict/babel (for use with the eslint-plugin-babel plugin)

How to use

Simply define your .eslintrc (or add a eslintConfig object to package.json) like so:

  "extends": ["strict"]

Add any additional plugins you want, for example:

  "extends": ["strict", "strict/browser"]

Also, you can define a test/.eslintrc to override the projects main one:

  "extends": ["strict", "strict/browser", "strict/mocha"]

If your project is a front-end project and you're not transpiling ES6 code, you might have an .eslintrc that looks like this:

  "extends": ["strict/es5", "strict/browser"]

Feel free to define additional globals or rules, or override them as you see fit:

  "extends": ["strict"],

  "globals": {
    "blarg": true

  "rules": {
      "eol-last": 0

For more details about how shareable configs work, see the ESLint documentation.

Eslint Config Strict

ESLint sharable config for strict linting

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