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ESLint plugin for ES5 users.


Sometimes someone doesn't want to or can't use Babel. Even if you support modern browsers or node.js, JS engines have bugs like broken block-scoping. Maybe you only want to forbid usage of for-of in your project.

If this concerns you, this plugin should help you.


npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-es5


Add the plugin to your .eslintrc:

  "plugins": [

And then any of the rules listed below like this:

  "rules": {
    "es5/no-arrow-functions": "error"

Also you can extend one of presets:

  "extends": [

Available presets:

  • plugin:es5/no-es2015: Forbid ES2015 usage.
  • plugin:es5/no-es2016: Forbid ES2016 usage.

List of supported rules

  • es5/no-es6-methods Forbid ES2015 methods for Array and String
  • es5/no-es6-static-methods Forbid ES2015 static methods for Array, Math, Number, and Object. You can enable specific functions: "es5/no-es6-static-methods": ["error", { exceptMethods: ["Math.imul"] }]
  • es5/no-arrow-functions:wrench:: Forbid arrow-functions.
  • es5/no-binary-and-octal-literals:wrench:: Forbid binary and octal literals.
  • es5/no-block-scoping: Forbid let and const declarations. You can enable them using options: "es5/no-block-scoping": ["error", { "let": true }]
  • es5/no-classes: Forbid ES2015 classes.
  • es5/no-computed-properties: Forbid computed properties.
  • es5/no-default-parameters: Forbid default parameters.
  • es5/no-destructuring:wrench:: Forbid destructuring statements.
  • es5/no-exponentiation-operator: Forbid exponentiation operator a ** b usage.
  • es5/no-for-of: Forbid for-of statements.
  • es5/no-generators: Forbid generators usage.
  • es5/no-modules: Forbid ES2015 modules usage.
  • es5/no-object-super: Forbid super/ calls.
  • es5/no-rest-parameters: Forbid rest parameters.
  • es5/no-shorthand-properties:wrench:: Forbid shorthand properties.
  • es5/no-spread:wrench:: Forbid ...spread expressions.
  • es5/no-template-literals:wrench:: Forbid template strings usage.
  • es5/no-typeof-symbol: Forbid typeof foo === 'symbol' checks.
  • es5/no-unicode-code-point-escape:wrench:: Forbid Unicode support in code point escape.
  • es5/no-unicode-regex: Forbid Unicode support in RegExp.



Eslint Plugin Es5

ESLint plugin for ES5 users.

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