Opinionated ESNext application scripts and configurations.

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npm install esnext-scripts

or yarn

yarn add esnext-scripts


esnext-scripts is set of pre-configured helpers for your next generation Javascript application. With it, you can now fully focus on your valuable implementations instead of playing around with various settings & helpers over and over again. Batteries included:

  • Latest EMACScript supports backed by Babel.
  • A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript by:
  • Delightful JavaScript Testing with


How much time you spend on configuring your application boilerplate to make it support the "future" JavaScript spec. each time you start a new project?

How many times you had been confused by the obsolete babel settings (plugins, presets) or even worse, your applications got broken?


Available commands

  • esnext build <src> <out> - compile an input directory of modules into an output directory.
  • esnext run <script> [--watch] [--env] - execute a Node.js script with ESNext supports (For Development ONLY).
  • esnext format <glob> - format files find by the given glob pattern via prettier.
  • esnext lint [--fix] [optional-folder] - start linting with airbnb rules set.
  • esnext test - start executing your Jest test specs, custom settings supported via (by order):
    • <cwd>/jest.config.js
    • <cwd>/package.json#jest


MIT License 2020 © Jim Zhan

Esnext Scripts

Opinionated ESNext application scripts and configurations

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