Easily add web based OTA updates to your ESP32/ESP8266 projects.


Clone this repo to your Arduino libraries directory. On Linux this is ~/Arduino/libraries/


Include the WebOTA library

#include <WebOTA.h>

Optionally initialize the WebOTA library if you want to change the defaults. This is done at the end of your setup() function:

void setup() {
    // Other init code here (WiFi, etc)

    // To use a specific port and path uncomment this line
    // Defaults are 8080 and "/webota"
    // webota.init(8888, "/update");

Listen for update requests at the end of your loop() function:

void loop() {
    // Other loop code here


Note: If you have long delay() commands in your loop() WebOTA may not be responsive. We have provided webota.delay() as a drop-in replacement, which is more WebOTA friendly.

Upload a sketch

You will need to create a binary sketch image to upload. This is done in the Arduino IDE by going to the Sketch menu and selecting Export compiled Binary.

Navigate to your ESP in a web browser to upload your binary image. Typical URLs are: http://esp-ota.local:8080/webota.

You can also use Curl if you want to script your uploads from the CLI

curl -F "[email protected]" http://esp-ota.local:8080/webota

Based on

Borrowed from and improved upon.

Esp Webota

Simple web based Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for ESP based projects

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