This package has been deprecated. Please use ethereumjs-util v7.0.6 onwards.

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This library eases the handling of Ethereum accounts, where accounts can be either external accounts or contracts (see Account Types docs).

Note that the library is not meant to be used to handle your wallet accounts, use e.g. the web3-eth-personal package from the web3.js library for that. This is just a semantic wrapper to ease the use of account data and provide functionality for reading and writing accounts from and to the Ethereum state trie.

Note: The library implements EIP-161 to determine empty accounts, and as such doesn't support hardforks before the Spurious Dragon.


npm install ethereumjs-account


This module work with browserify.




See our organizational documentation for an introduction to EthereumJS as well as information on current standards and best practices.

If you want to join for work or do improvements on the libraries have a look at our contribution guidelines.

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Project is in active development and has been moved to the EthereumJS VM monorepo.

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