This repository is a collection of Fastify project that can be used to understand how-to archive commons problems and requirements.

Every directory is a stand alone project that you can read to undestand how it works and how it is configured.


Here a list of the projects with a description, search in this page what you are looking for

Project Tags Description
authentication authentication session Example how to do authentication with fastify-session
validation-messages schema validation How you can customize the error messages of input schema validation
winston-logger logger Example how to use winston as a custom logger
typescript decorators typescript Example how to use typescript decorators to build application
fastify postgres postgres crud Simple CRUD app that show how integrate fastify with database, with 100% test coverage
[tests] tests Example of how to test your fastify application

External Projects

Here a list of external projects that could be useful to find some tips and suggestions

Project Tags Description


PR are welcome! Consider that a project to be added to this repository needs to have:

  • A README.md file that exaplain the project itself
  • Prefer a readable code, instead of concise
  • Comments on code that explain some code if there are more difficult parts
  • At least one test that show how to test the main function of the project


Licensed under MIT.


Runnable examples of Fastify

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