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Moosy Research is recognized for it's high quality cryptocurrency sheets, Cointrexer, BotMon and ReX.

Most cryptocurrency Exchanges provide powerful API consisting of REST endpoints for transactional operations. In order to authenticate to an Exchange API requires a valid API Key and a secret are required to access the private endpoints.

Many APIs require a signature during authentication that is calculated based on an algorithm like SHA. On this page, you find a collection of Google App Script (GAS) functions for Signed / Private Requests to several exchanges.

These sample code snippets authenticate to the API and will list your balance in the built-in Logger.

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To explore some of these APIs from Google Script, you can try ReX. It's an interactive API explorer in Sheets that allows you to see the request and the response data. ReX is great for educational purposes; the script log will show details on complete HTTP/REST request and response.

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Symbol Exchange Code API Signature
BIN Binance v3 HMACSHA256HEX
BFX Bitfinex v2 HMACSHA384HEX
FLY Bitflyer v1 HMACSHA256HEX
MRT Bitmart v1 HMACSHA256HEX
BTX Bittrex v3 HMACSHA512HEX
CNB Coinbase v2 HMACSHA256HEX
HUB Huobi Pro v1 HMACSHA256B64
OKX Okex v3 HMACSHA256B64
POL Poloniex v1 HMACSHA512HEX


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