Fairy Tale - Artificial General Intelligence Solutions

Organization main goal

We are a worldwide community dedicated to ensuring a good future for sentient beings.

Organization instrumental goals

Helping humanity create safe human-level artificial intelligence (artificial general intelligence) as soon as possible.

Working on free and open source software:

  • software that will provide great gains in accelerating human progress towards safe HLAI (AGI)
  • software which it targeted at accelerating the pace of science done by humanity
  • software for increasing the efficiency of achieving goals / doing tasks

We are working on free and open source software because I think that would be the most efficient way of achieving our goals.

Approach to safe human-level AI and good future for sentient beings

Approaching this from two directions:

  • improve efficiency of humanity by helping reduce resource consumption, decreasing the time required to achieve goals and improving the rate at which science is done
  • ensure creation of safe human-level AI through proper science-based methods

Both goals above will be mainly worked on through creation of free and open source software.

Our core values are

  • pursuit of truth using science for the betterment of mankind and other life forms
  • excellence - we will do our best to create the best solutions
  • focus - we will work on the most important problems humanity is facing
  • perseverance - we will not give up on a path to the solution unless it makes sense to do so and then try a different approach to solving it
  • anything being said needs to be backed up by evidence
  • honesty
  • trust
  • respect
  • fairness
  • loyalty
  • open mindedness

Communication channel

Fairy Tale Artificial General Intelligence Solutions

Helping humanity create safe artificial general intelligence through large scale remote collaboration. Working on free and commercial open source software

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