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This repository is moving to Gitlab - please update your bookmarks and do any contributions there. The GitHub repository will be removed after successful migration.


modern lossless community archiver that features

  • state of the art analysis of input data
  • detection and transform / recompression of data to improve compression
  • sorting input and arrange it in different streams
  • deduplication across all streams and recursion levels
  • applying different (best fit) compression algorithms on each stream
  • storing compressed data in a modern archiver format

It offers great modularity so that any algorithm can be added to it and enough flexibility to chose between fast, best practical or experimental state-of-the-art compression. Fairytale is a dream of a next generation archiver and it is a work in progress so if you share our dream and want to contribute, join our great community here

How to build

Using CMake (download it here), you can build on many platforms using your favorite compiler (Visual Studio, MinGW, CodeBlocks, XCode, Unix Makefiles, ...). It will also detect automatically if zlib is installed and if not, compiles it from source.

For Windows, there's a make.bat batch script that works with MinGW. Use make for a 64-bit build, make 32 for a 32-bit build.

For Linux, OSX and ARM, there are Makefiles. Use make for a 64-bit build, make -f Makefile.32 for a 32-bit build.


Please note that this is a very rough prototype that allows for testing of the pre-processing library. It doesn't apply any compression right now.

for ARM

for Linux

for OSX

for Windows


Licensed under the LGPL-3.0 license

Fairytale community archiver

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