Note: this driver is NOT maintained by the author at this time

FakeGPS is a Windows driver which allows the user to provide geolocation information without a physical GPS device.

Note: in order to use FakeGPS please download the released binary, not the source code.


Windows 10 includes Cortana, a digital assistant which can help you with location based reminders. When there is no GPS device the location services in Windows will try to guess where you are geographically using other means like Wi-Fi or IP address. These methods don't always work, rendering the location-based features of Cortana as useless.

This is especially noticeable on virtual machines which provide geolocation of the cloud infrastructure, not where the user is.

For more information on why you might want this see Using Cortana with a Fake GPS Driver on Windows 10.


  1. Windows 10 x64
  2. Test Mode Enabled (bcdedit /set testsigning on)

Note that Test Mode may be incompatible with BitLocker and Secure Boot.


Driver Installation

  • Ensure your system meets the requirements (Test Mode must be enabled)
  • Download the latest version of the released binary as a zip and extract to a folder
  • Install the driver using "Add Legacy Hardware" in Device Manager
  • Confirm you want to install the unsigned driver
    • The driver may say it failed to start on first use, see issue #3

Note the settings are currently stored in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\UNKNOWN\0000\Device Parameters\FakeGPS but this will change, see issue #2

Command Line Options

Usage: FakeGPS -command

FakeGPS -g              get current status
FakeGPS -s <lat,long>   set latitude and longitude


PS> FakeGPS -s 51.51786,-0.102216
The following location has been set in the driver's registry settings:
Lat:    51.51786
Long:   -0.102216

PS> FakeGPS -g
The following location has been got from the Windows location API:
Lat:    51.51786
Long:   -0.102216

Note: Once you have set the latitude and longitude you may need to restart the device driver for it take effect. This is due to the Geolocation driver caching the last result and may be fixed in future versions.


You can contact @juliankay on Twitter, or open issues in this repository.

Please note that I no longer use this tool, and at the time of this update I have not touched the code in about three years, so while you're free to create issues - I'm not going to be fixing them. :)


[NOT MAINTAINED] FakeGPS driver for Windows

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