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FCF Real-Estate is a catalogue to browse FCF Real-Estate Monaco's properties available for sale & renting.

Works on mobiles and tablets with Android 4.0.3 and up.


  • Single XML feed used to populate the entire application's data, allowing the data to be quickly changed and not requiring any app-maintenance. At the time of writing this text, the app has been on the Google Play Store for 21 months and the data is being regularly updated through the XML feed.
  • Property sorting (ascending and descending order) on the Sales and Renting pages by date last edited, price and surface area.
  • System of favourite properties for any product for sale/renting, along with a custom system allowing users to select multiple properties through force touch.
  • Search engine to filter properties by sales type, product type, country, number of rooms, Max/Min price and max/Min area.
  • Offline mode: The XML feed data is stored in the user's device to optimise browsing speeds throughout the app. Everytime the user opens the app with an internet connection, the stored data will be overwritten by the new data from the latest XML feed.
  • Multiple languages support for French, English and Italian.
  • HD image gallery: each product has a carousel display for HD images, including fullscreen mode to go through all the pictures in HD with a pinch to zoom feature.
  • In-app emailing: direct emailing with FCF Real-Estate, opening the user's default email app and prepolating the email's body with the property the user was viewing, allowing users to set up viewings more quickly with the agency.
  • Google Maps for the agency's contact page and for each property's location.


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  • Version 1.0.0


Fcf Real Estate Monaco Android App

:house_with_garden: Catalogue to browse FCF Real-Estate Monaco properties for sale & renting (2016)

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