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Rust bindings to the SDL2 library, version 2.0.16

This crate bundles the source for SDL2 and then builds it for you. In other words, you do not need to have installed SDL2 yourself. You do need a C compiler, but everyone has one of those, even on Windows.


SDL2 does not follow SemVer.

Under SDL2's version scheme, the numbers are what SemVer would call major.major.minor. In other words, 2.0.10 is a compatible API upgrade from 2.0.9, and 2.1.0 is a breaking upgrade from 2.0.9.

Also, as of 2.0.10, they moved to a Linux style "even numbers are releases" version. The current stable version is 2.0.14, and the next stable version will be 2.0.16.

Because SDL2 doesn't follow SemVer, it's slightly harder for fermium to follow SemVer.

Since I want it to be very easy to identify what version of SDL2 is bundled in what version of fermium, we use the full SDL2 release version as the major version number of this crate:

SDL2-2.0.14 --> fermium-20014.0.0

Updates within a fermium major version will all target the same SDL2 version, and follow the normal SemVer rules.


  • Lokathor, why does your crate have such a stupid name?
    • Well, this started as raw layer for a crate called beryllium, to replace its usage of sdl2-sys with something new. Since sdl2-sys was already taken, I needed another name, and I decided to pick another element to go with the first element. Somewhat at random, I just decided to check out element 100 on wikipedia, and it was apparently discovered in the fallout of the first hydrogen bomb. I thought to myself, "well that's cool enough, I guess.", and now we're here.

birth of fermium


An easy to build and use set of SDL2 bindings.

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