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Firebase Admin .NET SDK

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Firebase provides the tools and infrastructure you need to develop apps, grow your user base, and earn money. The Firebase Admin .NET SDK enables access to Firebase services from privileged environments (such as servers or cloud) in .NET. Currently this SDK provides Firebase custom authentication support.

For more information, please visit the Firebase Admin SDK setup guide.


The Firebase Admin .NET SDK is available on Nuget as FirebaseAdmin. Use the following command to install it with the Nuget package manager:

$ Install-Package FirebaseAdmin -Version $VERSION

Or use the dotnet command-line utility as follows:

$ dotnet add package FirebaseAdmin --version $VERSION


Development of the Admin .NET SDK is mostly driven by our open source community. We welcome and encourage contributions from the developer community to further improve and expand this project. If you would like a new feature or an API added to this SDK, please file an issue and provide a pull request. You can use other Firebase Admin SDKs as a reference on how certain features should be implemented:

Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING page for more information about how you can contribute to this project. In addition to the pull requests, We also welcome bug reports, feature requests, and code review feedback.

Supported Frameworks

Admin .NET SDK supports the following frameworks:

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1+
  • .NET Standard 2.0, providing .NET Core support

This is consistent with the frameworks supported by other .NET libraries associated with Google Cloud Platform.


License and Terms

Firebase Admin .NET SDK is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Your use of Firebase is governed by the Terms of Service for Firebase Services.

Firebase Admin Dotnet

Firebase Admin .NET SDK

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