This tool builds base images for several linux-based distros that work with qemu, spike, and firesim.

This is just a quick primer. To see full documentation, please see the official documentation:


The easiest way to use Marshal is to run it via Chipyard ( or FireSim ( However, this is not required. To run FireMarshal independently, you will need the following dependencies:

Standard Packages

centos-requirements.txt is a list of packages for centos7 that are needed by marshal. You can install these with:

cat centos-requirements.txt | sudo xargs yum install -y

Package names may be different on other distributions.

Note for Ubuntu

The libguestfs-tools package (needed for the guestmount command) does not work out of the box on Ubuntu. See for a workaround.


This project was written for python 3.6. You can install all dependencies using:

pip3 install -r python-requirements.txt

RISC-V Tools

In addition to standard libraries, you will need a RISC-V compatible toolchain, the RISC-V isa simulator (spike).

See the Chipyard documentation for help setting up a known-good toolchain and environment.


Qemu is the default simulator used by firemarshal. We require version v5.0.0 or greater. If you aren't using chipyard, you can get it from:

Basic Usage

If you only want to build bare-metal workloads, you can skip updating submodules. Otherwise, you should update the required submodules by running:


Building workloads:

./marshal build br-base.json

To run in qemu:

./marshal launch br-base.json

To install into FireSim (assuming you cloned this as a submodule of firesim or chipyard):

./marshal install br-base.json

Security Note

Be advised that FireMarshal will run initialization scripts provided by workloads. These scripts will have all the permissions your user has, be sure to read all workloads carefully before building them.

Getting Help / Discussion:


Software workload management tool for RISC-V based SoC research. This is the default workload management tool for Chipyard and FireSim.

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