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Fish config with awesome flexible prompt, unicode symbols, better fzf integration and lot of handy functions.


  1. git clone [email protected]:dmi3/fish.git
  2. Install configs:
    • All: run ./ āš  this will remove ~/.config/fish! Backup before running
    • Some: source files you are interested in your ~/.config/fish/
  3. Install fzf or run fish -c update-fzf

Useful aliases

  • We also have Bash version, and portable Over-SSH version
  • Create missing directories in path when calling mkdir
  • path command to print full file path
  • rmm command to remove directories, but ask nicely
  • cpp command to copy directories, but ask nicely
  • cp to ask when overwriting files
  • mv to ask when overwriting files
  • add-to-path Command to add current directory to path
  • Human readable sizes for df, du, free (i.e. Mb, Gb etc)
  • fs command to show free space on physical drives
  • disks command to List disks
    • Clearly shows which disks are mounted temporary
    • I always run this command before dd sd-card, to make 100% sure not to override system partition
  • partitions command to list partitions
  • sizeof command to show size of file or directory
  • connect command Connect to wifi from terminal
  • lockblock command to prevent screen locking untill next reboot
  • wget to save file with provided name
  • unset to unset enviroment variable
  • Prepend sudo to nano command if file is not editable by current user
    • Warn if file does no exist
  • If Sublime Text installed - use it instead of Gedit
  • Show 3 (next and prev) months in cal, start week on monday
    • Use nicl in installed
  • If sssh2 installed - use it instead of ssh
  • If plug installed - use it for interactive mount/unmount of USB drives
  • icat Show images in kitty
  • ll "Scroll ll if theres more files that fit on screen"
  • mkcd "Create and cd to directory"
  • amount "Mount archive"
  • aumount "Unmount all mounted archive (and gvfs locations)"
  • copy "Copy pipe or argument"
  • copypath "Copy full file path"
  • color "Print color"
  • reset_windows "Reset all windows size and bring it to main monitor. Useful if DE messes up in multiple monitor configuration"
  • `nano
  • run "Make file executable, then run it"
  • launch "Launch GUI program - hide output and don't close when terminal closes"
  • open "Open file by default application in new process"
  • b "Exec command in bash. Useful when copy-pasting commands with imcompatible syntax to fish "
  • c "Math using Python"
  • subl "Starts Sublime Text. Additionally supports piping (i.e. ls | subl) and urls (i.e. subl http://jenkins/logs)"
  • qr "Prints QR. E.g. super useful when you need to transfer private key to the phone without intermediaries cat ~/.ssh/topsecret.pem | qr"

Dark theme. See screenshots.



Auto generate completion for todo script. Search script for strings starting with -- and add them to Fish completion as arguments for todo command

Entry point that includes all other configs

Functions useful for developers

  • ccat Cat file, but with syntax highlighting
  • git-show-unpushed-commits Git show unpushed commits
  • server-here Start serving files in current directory and open browser
  • git-revert-file "Revert single file in git"
  • git-wat "Show 5 latest commits"
  • git-recent-branches "Show recentbranches"
  • git-pr "Create PR on Github"
  • gradle "Use ./gradlew if exists"
  • src 'Open/edit source of script or function located in $PATH' --wraps which
  • td "Add to ~/ list"
  • sdkman "Run sdkman"
  • sdkman-init "Inits sdkman"
  • bak "Copies (backups) file in same folder with .bak extension"

Better integration of Fish Shell and fzf

  • See Official Fish documentation
  • Clear input on Ctrl+U
  • Exit on Esc if single command mode enabled
  • Convinient directory navigation using Alt+Ctrl + ā†’ ā† ā†‘
    • History back/forward/go to parent dir
    • You can use Fish as file manager!
    • Comes handy when you start typing command, then realize wrong dir
  • Send terminate on Ctrl+Shift+C to free Ctrl+C for copy (in terminal settings). See
  • Prints directory and currently running command in tab title ā†“
  • Ctrl+R show fzf (fuzzy) history search where you can:
    • Super advanched analog or Ctrl+R in Bash
    • Execute previos command
    • Edit command before execution
    • Delete history entry (very useful for no longer actual commands)
  • Ignore ls, ll, and cd history. Ctrl+E is better way to access previosly visited directories
  • fish_user_key_bindings "Key bindings. Go to functions definition for description. Use fish_key_reader. Docs"
  • fish_title "Prints directory and currently running command in tab title. [email protected] in prompt when connected via ssh."
  • fish_greeting "Prints /var/run/motd.dynamic as greeting. Use in combination with to see top news"
  • show_exit_code "Show exit code on command failure" --on-event fish_postexec
  • what-did-just-happened "Show start time, and duration of last executed command"
  • save_dir "If command was executed if directory, save dir to Ctrl+E history for quick access." --on-event fish_postexec
  • fzf-history-widget "Ctrl+R for history"
  • search "CTRL+F Fuzzy recursive search files by name in current directory & append selection to current command"
  • search-contents "ALT+CTRL+F search (fuzzy) file by contents"
  • scd "Ctrl+E to access most frequently visited directories."
  • update-fzf "Installs or updates fzf"
  • freq "Line frequency in piped input. See"
  • bind_bang "Type !! to get last command"
  • bind_dollar "Type !\$ to get last command argument"


Two line prompt with full path and Git integration that scales nicely

  • `fish_prompt


  • Prompts for single Fish command in left bottom corner of given application window
  • To make benefit of Fish shell autocompletion and history
  • Closes after one command is executed
  • If command fails, leaves window to inspect error message

For example you want execute git clone [email protected]:dmi3/bin.git in current directory from Double Commander:

  • Press Shift+F2 and terminal window appears in left bottom corner of Double Commander window
  • First you want git and clone to be autocompleted using Fish
  • During clone process you want to see git command output to monitor progeress
  • If everything is ok, promt will close
  • In case of error you will have chance to read error message


  • sudo apt-get install fish wmctrl xterm


  • Use Fish config that supports ONE_COMMAND
  • Argument is window title of any app:
    • "Sublime Text"
    • "IntelliJ IDEA"
    • ...
  • OR open Double Commander
  • Toolbar ā†’ Insert new button:
    • Command: /path/to/
    • Parameters: "Double Commander"
    • Hot Key: Shift+F2

Calls to various CLI friendly web services

  • myip Shows external ip
  • localip Shows (local) internal ip
  • whereami is like whoami but shows your external ip and geolocation
  • xkcd Print color-adjusted xkcd in your terminal! See
  • albumart Show hi-res album art of currently playing song in Spotify
    • Requires sp
  • random-name "Random name for registration on random websites. How about Helen Lovick? Roger Rice?"
  • random-alias "Docker-like alias generator: thirsty_mahavira, boring_heisenberg. Don't know how to name file/project/branch/file? Use this!"
  • random-email "Random email for registration on random websites. Generate random email in one of Mailinator subdomains and provide link to check it. Useful when is not available."
  • random-password "Generate random password" --argument-names 'length'
  • weather "Show weather"
  • xsh "Prepend this to command to explain its syntax i.e. xsh iptables -vnL --line-numbers"
  • transfer "Upload file to"
  • translate "Translate word using Yandex"
  • syn "Find synonyms for word"
  • emoji "Search emoji by name"
  • waitweb 'Wait until web resource is available. Useful when you are waiting for internet to get back, or Spring to start' --argument-names 'url'


Fish config with awesome flexible prompt, unicode symbols, better fzf integration and lot of handy functions.

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