Elm completions for fish


Full completions for elm-make, elm-package (including all available package names), elm-reactor, elm-repl and elm-test.

A couple of example journeys in text:

> elm-pa[TAB] # elm-package
> elm-package i[TAB] # elm-package install
> elm-package install ev[TAB] # elm-package install evancz/
> elm-package install evancz/[TAB]
[suggestions] evancz/elm-graphics evancz/elm-markdown ...
> elm-rea[TAB] # elm-reactor
> elm-reactor --a[RIGHT ARROW] # elm-reactor --address
> elm-reactor --address=[RIGHT ARROW] # elm-reactor --address=


NOTE: You need curl installed for the interactive package completions.


> fisher ohanhi/fish-elm-completions


$ curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ohanhi/fish-elm-completions/master/hooks/install.fish | fish

Fish Elm Completions

Elm related completions for the friendly interactive shell

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