This plugin adds a function to print out the fish-shell ASCII-art logo. And it's customizable! See Usage and Examples.


  • Using Fisher:

    fisher install laughedelic/fish_logo
  • Using oh-my-fish:

    omf install fish_logo


  • This plugin adds the fish_logo function with the following positional arguments:

    # Argument Default
    1 outer color red
    2 medium color f70
    3 inner color yellow
    4 "mouth" symbol [
    5 eye symbol O
  • Colors are any valid arguments of the set_color command: named colors, 3 or 6 hex digits. Named colors are autocompleted.

  • To "skip" an argument (e.g. use the default), just pass an empty one:

    fish_logo f00 '' ff0
  • If you don't want colors, you can use

    fish_logo normal normal normal
  • There are several variations of the logo with different symbols used for its "mouth" and eye. The defaults correspond to the logo on the fish-shell website. Another variation of the logo seen in the wild uses L and @ symbols:

    fish_logo '' '' '' L @

    This really affects how the fish looks, so try to experiment with it yourself.

  • You can add this logo to your fish greeting with this function:

    function fish_greeting

    Just write it to ~/.config/fish/functions/ and you will see it every time you start a new session.


Note, that named colors will be interpreted by your terminal, so the overall look of the logo will "adapt" to your terminal color scheme.

The orange color is not in the standard 8-colors palette, so the default for it is hardcoded, but anyway it should look well with different variations of red and yellow.

Terminal Typeface Color Schemes
iTerm2 mononoki base16
red-google blue-londontube red-default
blue-harmonic16 red-solarized-l red-solarized
red-monokai blue-solarized blue-solarized-l


This work is based on the following findings:


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