Minetest Fishing Mod

Original by Mossmanikin https://github.com/Mossmanikin/fishing

Rewrited by Crabman77 (MFF team)

9 fish type

fish in rivers

  • 2 small fish (fish, carp)
  • 3 predator fish (perch, catfish, Northern Pike)

fish in sea

  • 3 small fish (clownfish,bluewhite fish, exotic fish)
  • 1 predator fish (small shark)

3 kind of bait for small fish (corn, bread, worm)
4 kind of bait for predator fish (small fish)
2 poles, wood 30 uses and mithril 1500 uses
The baits have a variable luck(15% to 80%) changed between 30 minutes to 6 hours for a better gameplay
Baitball improves lucky bait of 20%

**Contest Game **

Contest game can be launched by admin, duration variable 2min to 4heures
Start/End is announced in chat and sound
A ranking appears(formspec) after contest

Adjustable settings in formspec
if the unified_inventory mod is actived there is a button for classification or settings for the admin only



contest_del number(view with contest_show)
contest_start duration(in seconds)

  • contest_start 3600

contest_add wday hour minutes duration

  • contest_add 0 15 30 3600
  • Wday 0=all, 1=sunday, 2=Monday, ..., 7=Saturday

demo video youtube


####Trophy and fish type fishing

Admin can look bait chance


admin menu



fishing ####formspec contest ranking fishing


Minetest fishing mod

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