A powerline prompt framework for the fish-shell built in fish-shell

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This framework uses a lot of glyph from Powerline fonts in order to work, you will need to install one of them and select it as your shell font to enjoy this software completely. More information about how to install them can be found in the Powerline wiki.



In order to install fishline, you will need to clone this repository somewhere and specify this path in your config.fish file as well as sourcing the init.fish file present from the repository.

Here is an example on how to do it, by cloning fishline in your ~/.config/fish folder:

git clone https://github.com/0rax/fishline.git/ ~/.config/fish/fishline

Then modify your ~/.config/fish/config.fish and add:

if status is-interactive
    set FLINE_PATH $HOME/.config/fish/fishline
    source $FLINE_PATH/init.fish

Using Fisher

This is the easiest way to install fishline in your fish-shell environment. Fisherman will install it and link all the needed functions for you by running the following command:

fisher add 0rax/fishline

This will allow you to use the fishline command directly and access to all the possible theming / configuration available as if you installed it manually.


To use fishline as your prompt, update or create a fish_prompt.fish file in your functions folder (~/.config/fish/functions by default) to include:

function fish_prompt
    fishline -s $status

More informations about installation and configuration available in the wiki.


fishline is MIT licensed. See LICENSE.


A powerline prompt framework for the fish-shell built in fish-shell.

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