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:rocket:-speed file-watcher written in Golang, Owl is mostly suitable as an automatic build/run/test tool.


$ go get github.com/flowup/owl/cmd/owl # this will install the binary in $GOBIN


You can use owl to simply run tests when anything within the current folder(recursively) changes. The -i flag will ignore a directory named bin

$ owl -r 'go test ./...' -i bin


  • -i or --ignore to ignore files and folders (default: vendor, node_modules, bower_components, .glide, .git)
  • -r or --run for specific command
  • -d or --debounce debounce time for filesystem events before command execution in miliseconds (default 500)
  • -f or --filter files are filtered by regular expression

Config file owl.yaml

You can set default settings for the owl command within the folder with config file.

:robot: Note that any environment variables and flags will override this configuration

run: "echo \"Hello Owl!\""
debounce: 100
verbose: true
 - "vendor"
 - "bin"
filter: "go$"


Automatically build/test/deploy your code

Owl Info

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🔗 Source Code github.com
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😎 Author flowup