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:twisted_rightwards_arrows: We will not require you to add dependencies into your domain or to implement frameworks interfaces in your event handlers. Finally a really loosely coupled mediator library was born.


Install-Package FluentMediator

For seameless .NET Core integration:

Install-Package FluentMediator.Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection


Setup your events and pipelines using depedency injection. You can be very creative here! It supports async methods and cancellable tokens parameters, you could append multiple steps select one to return a message. An example:

services.AddFluentMediator(builder => {
        .Call<IPingHandler>((handler, request) => handler.MyMethod(request))
        .Call<IPingHandler>((handler, request) => handler.MyLongMethod(request))
        .Return<PingResponse, IPingHandler>(
            (handler, request) => handler.MyOtherMethod(request)

Then you are able to use the injected IMediator interface.

Publishing Events

// Puts the message in the pipeline, calls three handlers.

Sending Commands and Queries

// Calls the three handlers then get the response from `MyOtherMethod(PingRequest)`.
PingResponse response = mediator.Send<PingResponse>(new PingRequest("Ping"));
Console.WriteLine(response.Message); // Prints "Pong"


When designing CQRS or Event-Driven applications we need to publish events from the infrastructure layer into the domain event handlers. We do not want framework dependencies leaking out to the Model then FluentMediator was born.


Ivan Paulovich
Ivan Paulovich

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Joakim Carselind
Joakim Carselind

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Vaggelis Mparmpas
Vaggelis Mparmpas


Please contribute with Issues, Wiki and Samples.


:twisted_rightwards_arrows: FluentMediator is an unobtrusive library that allows developers to build custom pipelines for Commands, Queries and Events.

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