Personal Android project for Football daily updates

This is an improvement project of Dicoding Kotlin Android Developer Expert class, with a new feature "News".

Library that I used for this project:

  1. KOIN for Dependency Injection (later for Unit Testing)
  2. Moshi for JSON parser (from Kotlin object to JSON and vice versa)
  3. Kotlin Coroutines for Retrofit for Retrofit 2's Coroutines extension helper
  4. Glide for image loader
  5. Anko for some class extension (only used Common)
  6. Lottie for image animation (ex: Favorite Icon)
  7. Retrofit 2 for HTTP Client
  8. Android Architecture Components (ex: Lifecycle, ViewModel, Room, BindingAdapter)
  9. Fully used AndroidX and Material Components

This project 99% written in Kotlin (1% are Java classes that generated by DataBinding πŸ˜€), uses the MVVM pattern with DataBinding, and is modular by applying Clean Architecture's approach.

Data Source:

Development Tools:

  • Android Studio 3.4 Canary 10
  • Postman

Update List

UPDATE 2 February 2019

  • Proguard Rules added for every modules (Production Ready!)

UPDATE 28 January 2019

  • Feature News released

What's Next?

  • "Player List and Detail" screens
  • "Favorite Match, Club, and Player List" feature
  • "Team and Match Search" feature
  • Unit Testing for every Use Case and View Model

Apps Preview

Home Screen

Detail Match

Detail Club


Personal Android project for Football daily updates

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