Semantic-UI Forest Themes


This repo contains lots of third-party themes for Semantic-UI. Right now, it's mainly consist of themes ported from Bootswatch. To build these themes yourself, you need to follow some steps here.

By default, Semantic-UI use gulp.js as its build tools, and gulp will ask you several questions when called first time and store your answers to a semantic.json file. Next time you call gulp build-css, it will execute directly without asking you questions.

Semantic-UI use a theme.config file to configure different components for different themes.

You can check the official documentation for a detailed guide about how to customize Semantic-UI.

We have write a build script and wrap it with npm, so you can build tens of themes in one shot. The basic workflow:

git clone

# we prefer yarn, however, npm is also OK
yarn install --ignore-scripts

# it takes about 7 minutes to build about 20 themes.
yarn run build

# all generated theme files are put into `output` directory in forest-themes repo.
# ls -lR dist

Forest Themes

A collection of themes for Semantic UI.

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