A WebGL + TypeScript 2D Game framework with a Scene -> Entity -> Component model.

still very work in progress ★ and has frequent, breaking changes. Not worrying about backwards compatability with updates. Use at own risk.


  • Lightweight framework to be easily used for GameJam games

  • Foster should run in the Browser and in Electron without any changes on the game-side

  • ES6 all the way. Not worrying about being backwards compatible.

  • Frame-based animation, with atlas loading (Aseprite, Texture Packer, etc)

  • AABB Collision system, with simple Physics component to handle motion


  • BlendModes (additive, multiply, subtract, etc)

  • Comment everything (and generate Docs somehow?)

  • Add lots of helper / usability methods (ex. Audio fade in/out, built in screen transitions, more atlas loaders, etc)

    How to use

  • npm install foster-engine

  • Import it in your own project, ex. import * as Foster from "foster-engine";

  • Make sure your compiled project has the Foster code (either include the node_module, or use one of the pre-compiled JS builds)

Javascript Builds

MIT License

Foster Ts

A WebGL + TypeScript 2D Game framework with a Scene>Entity>Component model.

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