fwlite for windows

A anti-censorship HTTP proxy with builtin shadowsocks support.

Portable package of fwlite-cli and fwlite-gui for windows.

Executables of supported plugins included.

2022.1.9 v5.1.10.1


  • System proxy configuration (windows)
  • Detect blocked sites automatically
    • gfwlist
    • user-defined rules
    • connect timeout
    • read timeout
    • connection reset
  • Multiple work profile
    • 0: direct
    • 1: auto (gfwlist)
    • 3: bypass ip in china
    • 4: bypass ip in LAN
    • 5: bypass localhost
  • Support Network require a proxy (fwlite #39)
  • Supported proxy protocol
    • HTTP Proxy
    • Socks5 Proxy
    • [hxsocks2]
    • [Shadowsocks] by @clowwindy
  • SIP003 plugin (fwlite-cli #1)
  • Support Shadowsocks Subscription (test pending)
  • Supprot proxy chain
  • Hosts based AdBlock
  • Port Forwarding
  • Prioritize proxy by response time
  • User-defined redirector
  • Simple PAC for WPAD


Windows 7 or higher.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) installed.


Download the latest release from release page.



Open Source Components / Libraries

fwlite-cli (GPLv3)     https://github.com/v3aqb/fwlite-cli
fwlite-gui (GPLv3)     https://github.com/v3aqb/fwlite-gui
hxcrypto (LGPLv3)      https://github.com/v3aqb/hxcrypto
asn1crypto (MIT)       https://pypi.org/project/asn1crypto/
cffi (MIT)             https://pypi.org/project/cffi/
chardet (LGPLv2.1)     https://pypi.org/project/chardet/
cryptography (Apache)  https://cryptography.io/
gfwlist (LGPLv2.1)     https://github.com/gfwlist/gfwlist
idna (BSD)             https://pypi.org/project/idna/
PyQt5 (GPLv3)          https://pypi.org/project/PyQt5/
repoze.lru (BSD)       https://pypi.org/project/repoze.lru/
six (MIT)              https://pypi.org/project/six/
python (PSFL)          https://python.org/
simple-obfs (GPLv3)    https://github.com/shadowsocks/simple-obfs
kcptun (MIT)           https://github.com/xtaci/kcptun
GoQuiet (GPLv3)        https://github.com/cbeuw/GoQuiet
Cloak (GPLv3)          https://github.com/cbeuw/Cloak
v2ray-plugin (MIT)     https://github.com/teddysun/v2ray-plugin
xray-plugin (MIT)      https://github.com/teddysun/xray-plugin


A anti-censorship HTTP proxy with builtin shadowsocks support.

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