An easy to use GUI for running Galaxy workflows.

Galaksio is a web application that simplifies the usage of the Galaxy bioinformatics platform ( Galaksio provides a simple but complete UI for using Galaxy for biologists that require bioinformatics workflows to complete their research. Using the application, users can run any workflow implemented in the associated Galaxy instance in just few clicks. Besides, the rich user interface allows customizing the execution, uploading the necessary files, downloading the results, and executing several workflows simultaneously in the background.

Quick start

First install all dependencies. For example, the instructions for an Ubuntu 16.04 server would be:

apt-get update
apt-get install -y python-pip unzip wget
pip install requests bioblend flask fpdf

Download and extract the latest version of Galaksio from the GitHub repository.


Launch the Flask server. Your new Galaksio instance will be listening to port 8081.

galaksio-latest/server/ --start

By default Galaksio is configured to work with the official Galaxy instance.This and other options can be customized through the web application. The first time that you access to your Galaksio instance you will need to configure some of the main settings.


Documentation for the project, including installation instructions, can be found at the ReadTheDocs platform:

Docker for Galaksio

The Galaksio Docker Image is an easy distributable full-fledged Galaksio installation. The docker image for Galaksio can be found in the docker hub. However, you can download the Dockerfile and other files from the Github repository


Galaksio has been developed by the SLU Global Bioinformatics Centre at the Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). This project is part of the B3Africa Project, which has received funding under grant agreement nr 654404 from the European Unionโ€™s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Galaksio application is distributed under GNU General Public License, Version 3..


An easy-to-use way for running Galaxy workflows.

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