This is a simple dynamic DNS updater for the Gandi registrar. It uses their LiveDNS REST API to update the zone file for a subdomain of a domain to point at the external IPv4 address of the computer it has been run from.

It has been developed on Debian 8 Jessie and tested on Debian 9 Stretch GNU/Linux using Python 2.7.

With the new v5 Website, Gandi has also launched a new REST API which makes it easier to communicate via bash/curl or python/requests.


You want your homeserver to be always available at dynamic_subdomain.mydomain.tld.

Debian Package Requirements

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get install unzip python-requests python-args python-simplejson


First, you must apply for an API key with Gandi. Visit and apply for (at least) the production API key by following their directions.

A DNS Record

Create the DNS A Records in the GANDI Webinterface which you want to update if your IP changes.

Git Clone or Download the Script

Download the Script from here as zip/tar.gz and extract it.

or clone from git

git clone

Script Configuration

Then you'd need to configure the script in the src directory. Copy to, and put it in the same directory as the script.

Edit the config file to fit your needs.


Start by retrieving your API Key from the "Security" section in new Gandi Account admin panel to be able to make authenticated requests to the API. api_secret = '---my_secret_API_KEY----'


Gandiv5 LiveDNS API Location

api_endpoint = ''

Your domain for the subdomains to be updated


All subdomains which should be updated. They get created if they do not yet exist.

subdomains = ["subdomain1", "subdomain2", "subdomain3"]

The first subdomain is used to find out the actual IP in the Zone Records.

Run the script

And run the script:

[email protected]:~/gandi-live-dns-master/src# ./   
Checking dynamic IP:
Checking IP from DNS Record subdomain1:
IP Address Match - no further action

If your IP has changed, it will be detected and the update will be triggered.

[email protected]:~/gandi-live-dns-master/src# ./
Checking dynamic IP:
Checking IP from DNS Record subdomain1:
IP Address Mismatch - going to update the DNS Records for the subdomains with new IP
Status Code: 201 , DNS Record Created , IP updated for subdomain1
Status Code: 201 , DNS Record Created , IP updated for subdomain2
Status Code: 201 , DNS Record Created , IP updated for subdomain3

Command Line Arguments

[email protected]:~/gandi-live-dns-master/src# ./ -h
usage: [-h] [-f]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -f, --force    force an update/create

The force option runs the script, even when no IP change has been detected. It will update all subdomains and even create them if they are missing in the Zone File/Zone UUID. This can be used if additional/new subdomains get appended to the conig file.

IP address lookup service

There exist several providers for this case, but better is to run your own somewhere.

Poor Mans PHP Solution

On a LAMP Stack, place the file index.php in a directory /ip in your webroot.

[email protected]:~# curl

This should fit your personal needs and you still selfhost the whole thing.

IP address lookup service A simple service for looking up your IP address. This is the code that powers

use external services

choose one as described in the config file.

Cron the script

Run the script every five minutes.

*/5 * * * * /root/gandi-live-dns-master/src/ >/dev/null 2>&1 


The XML-RPC API has a limit of 30 requests per 2 seconds, so i guess it's safe to update 25 subdomains at once with the REST API.

Upcoming Features

  • command line Argument for verbose mode


This DynDNS updater is inspired by which worked very well with the classic DNS from Gandiv4 Website and their XML-RPC API.

Gandi has created a new API, i accidently switched to the new DNS Record System, so someone had to start a new updater.

Gandi Live Dns

DynDNS Updater for Gandi LiveDNS REST API

Gandi Live Dns Info

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