From now on im using apt for updates add deb termux extras (use if you are still using android 5 or 6) file with .list suffix in $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ gpg key is if not installed install gnupg apt-get install gnupg apt-key add pointless.gpg will add the key to apt apt-get update

or use

use the commands setupclang setupclang and setupgcc-7 to switch compilers nothing complex just moving symlinks around

03/04/2019 r-cran-tidyverse should work consistently except for those using android-5 due to linking issues around Above android-5 the library can see all symbols linked in android-5 that the linker won't let the library see symbols in since its not directly linked. I am not sure right now the correct way to deal with it. But changing $PREFIX/lib/R/etc/Makeconf to add -LR to ldflags and reinstalling readr package will work for now.

15/01/2019 ns_parse.h for a few missing reolver libs stuff missing in android 5 and 6 so msmtp works. Havent tested as its a 20 minute cut and paste job from musl. also opencv python3 doesn;t work as is but is easy enough to fix will do proper fixes at some point this week.

17/12/2018 added gnat for x86_64 and aarch64, gprbuild and xmlada packages available as well


Added portaudio and elfutils For port audio to work without issue it requires pulseaudio. It also needs pulseaudio sample rate set to PROPERTY_OUTPUT_SAMPLE_RATE or latency is too high this value can be obtained via termux-audio-info Any issues with this please mention...


julia updated to 1.0.0 installing packages that link to libs is a bit tricky and requires wiriting deps.jl yourself so they point to installed termux libs. Even if you can compile the libs using julia, without setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to where julia installed the libs it won't use them causing error.

30/07/2018 fixed a few annoyances with gcc-8 Oz now becomes Os automatically and few warnings that llvm-config add won't cause errors since they are only implemented in clang


julia is compiling on all archs but must be done on device. see my android-termux branch of julia. Also added an arm build for testing...


TESTING openblas for x86_64 atom....


added povray because ... i don't know.


updated rustc and rustc-nightlies fixed issues on x86_64 gcc added racket for arm and i686

5/01/2018 changed gcc-7 sources to linaro ... because why not? going to add source so everyone can compile and won't rely on me providing binaries... at all.

added gnatmake for arm ( other archs are not likely to come since it requires a sigtramp implentation that is absent on android)

added racket ... likely buggy for arm and i686. not working yet on 64 bit archs

also adding libboostpython libs which is a pull request for termux/termux-packages

23/12/2017 updated ecl arm and julia for x86_64. both should now work again


updated cargo for all but i686 updated rustc-nightly for and added for i686. not on x86_64... if i have time i will work on it. Ecl should now compile maxima technically there aren't any "major" dependencies missing for sagemath would have to built on device though...

13/12/2017 added ecl rustc nightly for arm and aarch64. added the cross_config stuff for ecl as well.

28/11/2017 added libgomp for gcc-7 in 7.2.0 and ndk 4.9.x flavours Thanks to @arietal libcairo now works in R. also added julia lang for i686 x86_64. I have no idea how long or if ever arm and aarch64 will take.

19/11/2017 r-cran package 3.4.2-1 uploading, should be working again... enabled openmp because i can. pforth 32 bit fix upload for testing. should get updated scipy and numpy at some point hopefully soon

11/11/2017 rustc now working for x86_64 and i686. The bug with cargo on arm is also fixed. As libgit2 needed to be compiled with -no-integrated-as the fix is statically linked.

08/10/2017 added python 2 versions numpy and scipy

01/10/2017 guile 2.0 and 2.2 added i686 version for 2.0 has threads disabled due to crashing half the time. 2.2 has no such issue as far as I can tell but the build process for 2.2 builds needs some work before a pull request to main repo.

12/09/2017 rustc is broken if you upgraded libllvm to 5.0 to rememdy that install newly added package libllvm-4so should be working from there


added fixedshe package and command executing it will start a new shell with LD_PRELOAD=$PREFIX/lib/ $shell this will cause commands /bin/sh and /usr/bin/env to be redirected making shebangs with those commands work. to change default shell to do this the command fixedshe chsh will work as chsh does.

Doing this will enable R and Octave library installs to work correctly first time much more often things like fixedshe octave also work


added openldap f0r testing need feedback

updated gcc to 7.2

added more stuff to x86_64 ans i686

08/08/2017 adding i686 and x86_64 stuff cargo and rusttc octave and R etc also some experimental nodejs 8.2.1 builds ...


to get cargo for arm working add this to ~/.gitconfig

[url "git://"] insteadOf =

25/07/2017 octave is fixed and back up on repo as well as gmic arm.

24/07/2017 octave isn't working right now ...

23/07/2017 a working gmic binoary for arm required some magic getting it...


gmic is not working for arm and it appears to be stubborn about it. sorry about that.


Got almost everything working with the transision to libc++_shared. Updating the apt repo shortyly there are a few packages there that are not not mentioned here...

27/05/2017 added rustc and cargo for arm and aarch64 from @vishalbiswas a bit buggy for now


Added quantlib. Will be adding R stuff shortly. Mpd-ext is also in repo extended for modpluglib and libgme. So game emulation music plays. Haven't tested that yet should work.

just added imgflo ... i haven't tested it if someoen wants to inform me how its screwed i would be thankful. updated now with termux-packages pull requests as well

electrum egg added ... updates added boost ledger r-cran the mpv-ext is just mpv with caca enabled and alpine has been updated.

Octave seems to be working fairly well... report bugs??? Its less annoying to compile than R so i might fix things that are really broken. The scripts to compile fortran stuff needs a bit of work to be more user friendly and less of a hack.

termux gcc resurrected purely because scipy needs it. Don't annoy fornwall if you find a bug since its entirely unsupported. This is a compiler of last resort hecause you need to compile fortran or something needs gcc and only gcc.

For scipy to work you need blaslib(openblas, reference blas +lapack or atlas) libgfortran numpy and scipy.

If you want to do this yourself its not hard. I compiled arm and arm64 tool chain for linux x86_64 (the .tar.bz2 file) so you can extract over the android ndk tool chain for ndk-13 and when termux creates tool chain it should pull stuff in.

The default makefile for openblas uses hardfp and termux uses softfp so it won't work on termux. Don't use it on arm use either lapack or atlas. Atlas will likely be faster than lapack.

LDFLAGS when compiling scipy and numpy for distribution is important. You can compile on android 6.0 and it might not work on 5.1 because the linker is different.


Gcc for termux with fortran scipy etc... Use apt for newest updates instructions in README.txt

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