Get AWS SSM parameters


Clone this repository. Inside checkout:

# if using Go < 1.8
export GOPATH=/home/you/go

# fetch dependencies (aws sdk, as listed in main.go) into $GOPATH
go get -d

# build; env required if building on mac for linux
env GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build

# alternatively, if not cross compiling -- install into $GOPATH/bin using
env GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT=1 go get -v


From -h output:

Usage of get-ssm-params:
  -awsregion string
      [$SSM_AWS_REGION] AWS region (default "eu-central-1")
  -env string
      [$SSM_ENV] environment name to use (PROD, STAG, ...)
  -extraparams string
      [$SSM_EXTRA_PARAMS] parameters to fetch (explicit)
  -params string
      [$SSM_PARAMS] parameters to fetch (prefixes env+service)
  -service string
      [$SSM_SERVICE] service name to use (YVES, ZED, ...)
      Print version of get-ssm-params


# Fetch two params for given env/service
$ get-ssm-params -env PROD -service FOOBAR -params DB_HOST,DB_USER,DB_PASS
# this will retrieve parameters named PROD_FOOBAR_DB_HOST and PROD_FOOBAR_DB_USER,
# but output will be (env/service is stripped):

# or, get specific/explicit params (i.e. not relying on env/service)
$ get-ssm-params -extraparams BLA_BLI,BLUB_BLUB

# alternatively, let get-ssm-params put parameters into env and exec a 'final' entrypoint
$ export SSM_ENV=FOO
# this will exec 'npm run', with desired/retrieved params in environment:
get-ssm-params npm run

If one of the parameters cannot be retrieved, get-ssm-params will exit(1). By default, get-ssm-params uses AWS region eu-central-1. To override, use -awsregion command line option or define SSM_AWS_REGION environment variable.

Example usage in Dockerfile:

## usage WITHOUT get-ssm-params

ENTRYPOINT ["/tini", "--"]
CMD ["/usr/local/bin/uwsgi", "--ini", "/config/app.ini"]

## usage WITH get-ssm-params

# copy get-ssm-params binary to root directory of image
ADD get-ssm-params .
# keep entrypoint as-is
ENTRYPOINT ["/tini", "--"]
# adjust command to let get-ssm-params exec() original command
CMD ["/get-ssm-params", "/usr/local/bin/uwsgi", "--ini", "/config/app.ini"]

The above example with get-ssm-params used would expect SSM_ENV, SSM_SERVICE and SSM_PARAMS to be passed via regular container environment variables. Corresponding example CloudFormation stack:

    Type: AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
              Name: SSM_ENV
              Value: dev
              Name: SSM_SERVICE
              Value: myApp
              Name: SSM_PARAMS
              Value: LDAPBINDPW,ACCESS_KEY

Corresponding parameters must be put into parameter store before container launch, i.e.

aws ssm put-parameter --name dev_myApp_LDAPBINDPW --value "APassword123" --type SecureString \
                      --key-id "...use key id..." --region eu-central-1

Ensure to only grant access to desired containers by following the AWS IAM Roles for Tasks guide

Example error messages

NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.
  For verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors

The above message indicates that the host has no policy attached.

AccessDeniedException: User: arn:aws:sts::123412341234:assumed-role/myec2Role/i-c7722c4d is not authorized to perform: ssm:GetParameters on resource: arn:aws:ssm:eu-west-1:123412341234:parameter/testval
  status code: 400, request id: df465e18-109d-11e7-bfc5-4f01fca110c2

The above message indicates that the given ec2 host has a policy attached, but it lacks permission on requested parameters.

Get Ssm Params

A simple, single binary to get AWS SSM parameters -- for ECS / Docker usage

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