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gina.vim (gina) is a plugin to asynchronously control git repositories.


You've been Super Viman. After this talk, you could say you are Super Viman 2 -- Life with gina.vim

I've talked about what the gina.vim is in VimConf2017 (Slide). Check it out if you would like to feel what the gina.vim is.


The following is a schematic image of general working-flow with gina.

   │     │          │
#DIRTY#  │          ▼
   ▲     │    :Gina status  │ <<  : stage
   │     │          │       │ >>  : unstage
   │     │          │       │ --  : toggle
:write   │       #STAGED#   │ ==  : discard
   ▲     │          │       │ pp  : patch
   │     ├──────────┤       │ dd  : diff
   │     │          ▼
#CLEAN#  │     :Gina commit │ !   : switch --amend
   │     │          │       │ :w  : save cache
   │     ▼          │       │ :q  : commit changes (confirm)
   └────────────────┘       │ :wq : commit changes (immediate)

So basically user would

  1. Edit contents in a git repository
  2. Stage changes with :Gina status
  3. Commit changes with :Gina commit

See :h gina-usage for advance usage. Gina provides a lot more features.


  • A git detection is fast and accurate
    • It does not require git process so incredibly fast
    • Used in lambdalisue/vim-gita, for several years
  • Commands are asynchronously performed
    • Users don't have to wait :Gina push (git push)
    • Asynchronous feature in Neovim is great. :Gina log (git log) on Linux repository won't freeze Neovim
  • Single command. Users do not need to remember tons of commands
    • :Gina {command} will execute a gina command or a git raw command asynchronously
    • :Gina! {command} will execute a git raw command asynchronously
    • :Gina!! {command} will execute a git raw command in a shell (mainly for :Gina!! add -p or :Gina!! rebase -i)
  • Action based. Users do not need to remember tons of mappings
    • ? to see the help
    • a to select an action to perform (complete with <Tab>)
    • . to repeat previous action
    • All action can map to an actual keymap
  • Author tried to follow Vim's flavor
    • No mapping for ee or whatever which conflicts with Vim's native mappings (like vim-gita does...)
  • Customizable
    • Users can define action aliases and mappings
    • Users can define default options and aliases of command
    • More
  • Tested on all major platforms
    • Powered by vim-jp/vital.vim, mean that the things are unit tested
    • Gina add some behaviour test as well


Any contribution including documentations are welcome.

Contributers should install thinca/vim-themis to run tests before sending a PR if they applied some modification to the code. PRs which does not pass tests won't be accepted.


The code in gina.vim follows MIT license texted in LICENSE. Contributors need to agree that any modifications sent in this repository follow the license.


👣 Asynchronously control git repositories in Neovim/Vim 8

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