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  • Invokes git commands directly allowing any filters to work (including git-lfs).

  • Writen in C# / WPF (will maybe support macOS & Linux/BSD in the future but UI change needed).

  • Image Diff preview.

  • Colorized text diff preview.

  • Auto check for .gitignore file.

  • Auto check for Git-LFS install.

  • Doesn't allow non resolved files to be staged without warning.

  • Supports Meld, kDiff3, P4Merge and DiffMerge with no .gitconfig required.

  • Auto checks for Git and Git-LFS min-version requirements.

  • gitk for history (maybe something built in later).

LOGS: These will be stored in "C:\ProgramData\GitItGUI\logs.txt" on windows

Requirements: git-core, git-lfs and .NET 4.8

(git v2.11.0) and (git-lfs v1.5.5) or later are required!

  • Win7-Win10:
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