glamorous-jsxstyle Components

This package exports the components from jsxstyle using glamorous.

From jsxstyle:

jsxstyle includes components corresponding to every potential value of the CSS display property.

This package follows that same purpose and generates and exposes components named after display properties. The list of components generated are:

  • View
  • Block
  • InlineBlock
  • InlineListItem
  • Flex
  • Row
  • Column
  • Table
  • InlineTable
  • TableRowGroup
  • TableHeaderGroup
  • TableFooterGroup
  • TableRow
  • TableCell
  • TableColumnGroup
  • TableColumn
  • TableCaption


Install with npm:

npm install --save glamorous-jsxstyle

This also has peer dependencies of react and glamor, so install those too:

npm install --save react glamor

You can then use one of the module formats:

  • main: dist/glamorous-jsxstyle.cjs.js - exports itself as a CommonJS module
  • global: dist/glamorous-jsxstyle.umd.js and dist/glamorous-jsxstyle.umd.min.js - exports itself as a umd module.
  • jsnext:main and module: dist/ - exports itself using the ES modules specification, you'll need to configure webpack to make use of this file.


To use this module via CommonJS:

const { View } = require('glamorous-jsxstyle')

If you're transpiling (and/or using the jsnext:main):

import { Flex, Block } from 'glamorous-jsxstyle'

An example use case

import React  from 'react'
import { Flex, InlineBlock } from 'glamorous-jsxstyle'

export default class Example extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
          Content in a `div` with `display: 'flex'`

          Content in a `div` with `display: 'inline-block'`

        // add more styles as you like
        <InlineBlock style={{color: 'blue'}}>
          Blue content in a `div` with `display: 'inline-block'`

You can also extend the glamorous-jsxstyle components using glamorous with additional style objects:

const headerBG = { background: '#ddd' }
const headerCell = { minWidth: '200px' }

// use `glamorous` dynamic functions to style relative to `props`
// alternate gray and white
const alternatingRows = props => ({ background: props.rowNumber % 2 ? 'gray' : 'white' })

// underline every 5th row
const everyFifth = props => ({ textDecoration: props.rowNumber % 5 ? 'underline' : '' })

// extend with 1 or more style objects
const HeaderRow = glamorous(TableRow)(headerBG)
const HeaderCell = glamorous(TableCell)(headerCell, centeredText)
const BodyRow = glamorous(TableRow)(alternatingRows, everyFifth)

export default () => (
      <HeaderCell>Heading 1</HeaderCell>
      <HeaderCell>Heading 2</HeaderCell>
      <HeaderCell>Heading 3</HeaderCell>

See an example of a table made with glamorous-jsxstyle here.

© 2017 Paul Molluzzo


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