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GMDB is the ultra-simple, open-source, cross-platform Movie Library with Features (Search, Take Note, Watch Later, Like, Import, Learn)

Warning: Are you binge watcher? Let the fun begin with: SEARCH-WATCH-REPEAT!


What It Is


How To Use








Copyright & Licensing



What It Is

GMDB is the painless, ultra-simple, open-source, cross-platform Movie Library built in Golang



Search Result







  • Search movies from IMDB and RottenTomatoes (without API key)

  • Search magnet links from 1337.x. LEGAL_DISCLAIMER

  • Watch the movie Trailers with MPV that fetched from IMDB

  • Play the torrent magnet links directly (peerflix)

  • Take the personal notes for the movies

  • Personal movie list (Watch Later, Movies Like)

  • AI Learning for your Movies list (SOON)

  • Terminal compatible colorful output

  • Import your movie data from your Netflix data Learn More

  • Store your datas in SQLite Database

  • Local Movie Database with SQLite

How To Use

Play Cast: asciinema play screenshots/asciinema.cast

  1. help command:

    $ ./GMDB help
  2. search command:

    $ ./GMDB search movie to search
  3. learn command:

    $ ./GMDB learn ~/path/to/your/import/data.extension
  4. history command:

    $ ./GMDB history
  5. list command:

    $ ./GMDB list
  6. note command:

    $ ./GMDB note
  7. torrent command:

    $ ./GMDB torrent movie to search
  8. update command:

    $ ./GMDB update


Simply just build from remote URL:

$ go get -u; go build -o ./GMDB


  1. Clone the project to your computer and navigate to folder by executing the following command:
    $ git clone && cd ./GMDB/
  • Run this command if you want to test project before build & install

    $ go test -v -cover -race ./...
  • Run this command to get required packages before build & install

    $ go get -v ./...
  1. Build the all project using this command

    $ go build .
  2. Install the GMDB with following command

    $ go install .

Install the dependencies:

$ brew cask install mpv
$ brew install youtube-dl
$ npm install -g peerflix


You can use custom file with config arg:

$ ./GMDB --config=/path/to/config search movie to search

Default config path is: ./config.ini

Example config.ini file:

path = /path/to/log
name = my-movie-logger
ext = .log
format = date


Known Issues

  • --no-color argument option not working for every situation

  • mpv and peerflix are hard-coded necessary to operation

  • The situation without the Internet has not been tested yet

  • Not tested in Windows

  • I am absolutely sure there may be many untested cases. ^^


  • Add comments for functions

  • Add benchmark tests for service parsers

  • Add tests for Netflix data import

  • Add Encrypt/Decrypt features to the database

  • Add Live tests for IMDB

  • Add Live tests for RottenTomatoes

  • Add Live tests for 1337x torrent service

  • Sync database for some services (Evernote, Keep, etc.)

  • Export/Import the database as a .org format for orgmode

  • New search services

  • Support for media players other than MPV

  • gmdb.go file is too long and bad. Make it simple as possible


  • mpv: A free, open source, and cross-platform media player Learn More

  • peerflix: Streaming torrent clients Learn More

  • You will need a computer on which you have the rights to compile files


  • Please see Copyright & Licensing section for more information


GMDB was created to serve three purposes:

GMDB is your painless CLI movie browser

  1. To act as a painless CLI movie browser

  2. To provide a simplest and easiest way to search and watch movies

  3. There is a source for you to develop your own CLI browser in Golang


Project Manager - Furkan Tรผrkal (GitHub: Dentrax)


We publish source for the [GMDB] in single rolling branch:

The master branch is extensively tested and makes a great starting point. Also tracks live changes by commits.

The base project code is copyrighted by Furkan 'Dentrax' Tรผrkal and is covered by single licence.

All program code (i.e. .go) is licensed under GNU GPLv3 License unless otherwise specified. Please see the file for more information.

Package Author License
go-sqlite3 mattn MIT
go-ini Unknwon Apache 2.0
goconvey SmartyStreets MIT
goquery PuerkitoBio BSD 3
spinner briandowns Apache 2.0
chalk ttacon MIT
parsetorrentname middelink MIT
sqlx jmoiron MIT

FOSSA Status


While this repository is being prepared, it may have been quoted from some sources that already mentioned on specific files.

If there is an unspecified source or if you think that I made a copyright infringement, please contact with me.

Special Thanks


Please check the file for contribution instructions and naming guidelines.


GMDB was created by Furkan 'Dentrax' Tรผrkal

Best Regards


GMDB is the ultra-simple, cross-platform Movie Library with Features (Search, Take Note, Watch Later, Like, Import, Learn, Instantly Torrent Magnet Watch)

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