Visualize Go module dependencies in Graphviz DOT format


Install graphdot using go get:

go get -u


Run graphdot in the directory of any project using Go modules with a go.mod file to print out a dependency graph in Graphviz DOT format.

The output can be piped directly into dot to generate a PNG image file:

graphdot | dot -T png -o dependency_graph.png

For large graphs with many nodes of dependencies, you may want to generate an SVG file to allow you to zoom in with high-fidelity and save disk space instead:

graphdot | dot -Gdpi=0 -T svg -o dependency_graph.svg

If you like a more UML'ish style, you can use the provided graph properties from uml.gprops:

graphdot -graph-props uml.gprops | dot -T svg -o dependency_graph.svg



Contributing to the project

Contributions are very welcome, however please follow the guidelines below:

  • Open an issue describing the bug or enhancement
  • Fork the develop branch and make your changes
    • Try to match current naming conventions as closely as possible
  • Create a Pull Request with your changes against the develop branch


Visualize Go module dependencies in Graphviz DOT format

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