Display Errors in a pretty way, without breaking watching tasks

$ yarn add gulp-prettyerror



  • Simple, Robust and Easy to use
  • Displays task errors during development without breaking gulp-watch tasks
  • Uses gulp-plumber to override the standard error handling
  • Output styling created with gulplog and ansi-colors


var prettyError = require('gulp-prettyerror');

// default release build
gulp.task('js', function (){
    return gulp.src(['Source/Lib/**/*.js')
        // add task error-handler

        // create sourcemaps for development

        // some stuff

Any Questions ? Report a Bug ? Enhancements ?

Please open a new issue on GitHub


Gulp-PrettyError is OpenSource and licensed under the Terms of The MIT License (X11). You're welcome to contribute!

Gulp Prettyerror

:hash: Display Errors in a pretty way, without breaking watch tasks

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