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HadesVR Release

HadesVR is a SteamVR compatible VR setup made for tinkerers.

The setup includes DIY controllers that are capable of emulating HTC vive wands or most aspects of the Valve Index Knuckles controllers (including finger tracking!). It also includes tracking electronics for a Headset, including an integrated wireless receiver to receive the controllers' data.

There's also custom controller hardware like 3d printable shells (still a bit of a WIP) with their respective custom PCBs to build your own Knuckles controllers.

The SteamVR driver used to be based off of TrueOpenVR but it's modified so heavily I'm making it it's own thing. This driver also uses PSMoveService (for now at least) for the positional tracking of HMD and controllers, using ping pong balls and different colours of LED's.

For more information on everything, check out the docs!


How does it work and what can it do?

The headset connects to the PC and receives rotation and button data from both controllers through RF, while the tracking is done outside-in (base stations) using Playstation Move Cameras and PSMoveService.

You can use the setup in:

  • Headset and controllers mode: The headset receives data from the controlers and mixed with the PSMoveService position tracking you get full 6dof tracking.
  • Headset only mode: where you only have your HadesVR headset and the 6dof tracking (or 3dof if you don't use PSMoveService)
  • Controller only mode: where if you already have a headset, you can use only the controllers part of the setup (you'll need to build an RF receiver to replace the HadesVR headset's built in one).

What it can and cannot do:

  • This driver can emulate Wand and Index controllers.
  • This setup cannot do Inside out tracking.
  • This driver cannot do Full body tracking yet.
  • Yes this thing plays beatsaber though I'm not sure how viable it is for expert+ diff since I suck at it.

Custom hardware

As of right now the custom hardware available is:

⚠️Both the Basic HMD and Wand Controllers are missing the 3d printable parts right now.

⚠️Important disclaimer: I very very heavily discourage against building the knuckles controller, it's got a whole lot of problems right now that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet, there's problems with the boards and there's problems with the 3d printer models, and there's problems with the reliability of the capacitive sensors of each finger. The index controller is not an easy build: it relies on a lot of SMD components, stuff has to be assambled in order or else you won't be able to flash the bootloader and the 3d printable parts are all a bit crappy and hard to fit together properly.

Also there is a bit of an issue with the boards right now which makes it hard to flash the bootloader since AVR's require a crystal to do that for some dumb reason, so I heavily recommend against making the custom Index controllers for now.

I'm also working on an easier to build type of controllers that emulate the vive wands, made only out of through hole components though it's not ready yet (mainly missing the 3d printable shell at the moment). With that being said:

Or maybe you want to DIY your own controllers? check out the Controllers docs for building the controllers with regular Arduino boards!


Finger tracking!


Me being awful at beatsaber demo:


Half-Life: Alyx:



I used to have a crappy little TODO list here but I'm gonna try to use trello for HadesVR work


The "DIY" SteamVR compatible VR setup made for tinkerers.

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