Work on this program has been halted in favor of its successor HappyPanda X <>__ (bugs and such won't be fixed).

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This is a cross platform manga/doujinshi manager with namespace & tag support.


  • Portable, self-contained in folder and cross-platform
  • Low memory footprint
  • Advanced gallery search with regex support (learn more about it here <>__)
  • Gallery tagging: userdefined namespaces and tags
  • Gallery metadata fetching from the web (supports various sources)
  • Gallery downloading from the web (supports various sources) *
  • Folder monitoring that'll notify you of filesystem changes
  • Multiple ways of adding galleries to make it as convienient as possible!
  • Recursive directory/archive scanning
  • Supports ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR and directories with loose files
  • Very customizable
  • And lots more...

* Gallery downloading from E-Hentai costs Credits/GP


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How to install and run

Windows ^^^^^^^

#. Download the archive from releases <>__ #. Extract the archive to its own folder #. Find Happypanda.exe and double click on it!

Mac and Linux ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Install from PYPI or see <>__

PYPI ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pip install happypanda (thanks @Evolution0 <>__) and then run with happypanda --home

Note: use of the --home flag will make happypanda create required files and directories at:

On windows: 'C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Pewpew\Happypanda'

On mac: '/Users/YourName/Library/Application Support/Happypanda'

On linux: '/home/YourName/.local/share/Happypanda'


| Overwrite your previous installation. | More info in the wiki <>__

PYPI ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pip install --upgrade happypanda


For general documentation (how to add galleries and usage of the search), check the wiki <>__.

People wanting to import galleries from the Pururin database torrent should find this <>__ useful.


  • Qt5 (Install this first) >= 5.4
  • PyQt5 (pip)
  • requests (pip)
  • beautifulsoup4 (pip)
  • watchdog (pip)
  • scandir (pip)
  • rarfile (pip)
  • robobrowser (pip)
  • Send2Trash (pip)
  • Pillow (pip) or PIL
  • python-dateutil (pip)
  • QtAwesome (pip)
  • appdirs (pip)


Please refer to HappypandaX instead.


A cross platform manga/doujinshi manager with namespace & tag support

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