HappyPanda X

HappyPanda X is a cross-platform server and client application for managing and reading manga and doujinshi

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This project is under heavy development and is currently in the alpha stage.

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  • Highly customizable
  • Portable, self-contained and works cross-platform
  • Client and device agnostic, library is viewable from phone, laptop, tablet, smart tv and more
  • User and permission management (Not fully implemented yet)
  • Advanced E-Hentai-like search with regex support
  • Tagging: supports user-defined namespaces and tags
  • Find and apply metadata from the web automatically with plugins
  • Download manga and doujinshi from the web with plugins
  • Advanced management of manga with support for grouping similar content together in collections and groups, alternative titles, and more
  • Advanced manga importer
  • Support for common archive files (full list here) and folders with loose files
  • Extensible with plugin support for custom actions and behaviour
  • I18n support


HappyPanda X comes bundled with a default webclient front-end

Want to report an issue or suggest a feature?

This is the official issue-tracker for HPX. Please create a new issue here. If the issue is related to a plugin, please use the issue tracker for plugins.

Where is the code?

HPX is only partially open source. The translations and documentation are open-source so that anyone is free to contribute if they want. Plugins are also open-source and can be found at the plugin repo.


A cross-platform server and client application for managing and reading manga and doujinshi

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