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Headless Chrome


Google Chrome version 59+ contains a real headless mode with no need of any display like xvfb or vnc.



Just add the following maven central dependency.


Add dependency to build.sbt.

libraryDependencies += "software.reinvent" % "headless-chrome" % "x.y.z"



Guice Binding

If you use Guice for injections, just bind the Provider HeadlessChromeProvider.


The config uses the typesafe config.

Path Description Default Required The path to the chromedriver binary bundled in resources :x: The path to the chrome binary /usr/bin/google-chrome-unstable :white_check_mark:
chrome.window.size The window size as string: "width,height" "1920,1200" :x:
webdriver.user.agent The user agent used in chrome default HeadlessChrome agent :x:
chrome.headless Set true to run chrome in headless mode true :x:


Use Chrome version 60.

For Windows one could use the portable App from here.


Use the ChromeDriver version 2.31 which is available here.

Headless Chrome

Implementation of the new headless chrome with chromedriver and selenium.

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