This Web Application is a nice UI for all your hikvision cameras. It supports Login and it is using native HTML5 without the need to install any other plugin for the client.

Preview of the interface


  • PHP version 5.6 or newer for the unpack to support 64 bit format
  • php-imagick for the image preview
  • php-sqlite3 for reading the new data structure
  • Enable .htaccess support on your http server

How to configure


  • At the SetEnv AuthUser & SetEnv AuthPass change it into your own desire.
  • At the SetEnv camPaths add a comma sepperated list of each path to your cameras info.bin files.
  • At the SetEnv camNames add a comma sepperated list of name the camera names which should be the same size as the camPaths.
  • At the SetEnv camIPs add a comma sepperated list of the IPs of each camera.
  • At the SetEnv camAuths add a comma sepperated list of the usernames/passwords for the authentication in this format: "admin:password"


Used a modified version of libHikvision library by Dave Hope, available at

Hikvision Site

Parse the Hikvision DB and show on a Web UI

Hikvision Site Info

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