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:house: Control your MQTT/HomeKit Smart Home Devices from an ESP32-powered screen :house:

Homepoint is a screen-based interface for MQTT & HomeKit-connected Smarthome devices that runs on the ESP32 Chipset.

Table of Contents

:heavy_check_mark: Features

  • See and trigger scenes (groups of devices) on the front screen.

  • Trigger individual devices by diving into scenes (by tapping the indicator or long pressing a button).

  • See partially switched on scenes with multiple devices at a glance.

  • Support for temperature, humidity, air quality sensors & Tasmota energy readings.

  • Remote Configuration: Configure and reboot HomePoint through a web interface. No need to reflash.

  • Over-The-Air Updates (Beta): Flash new versions of HomePoint wirelessly over the air.

  • HomeKit Switch Support (Setup Automations in Home App to toggle from Homepoint)*

  • Supports both Touch Screen or Button based navigation.

  • Reactive: Screen updates whenever devices are triggered from elsewhere.

  • Easy configuration through a JSON file, no additional code required.

  • Screensaver saves power by switching off screen after 10 minutes.

  • Statusbar shows connectivity for WiFi and MQTT as well as time.

  • Failsafe Mode: In case of corrupt configuration, failsafe mode for remote access is provided.

  • Pre-compiled binaries: Just flash HomePoint on your ESP32 device without compiling.

*currently on experimental branch.

:camera: Demo

HomePoint Youtube demo

:house: Installation

HomePoint comes in 2 pre-compiled .bin files ready to be flashed on either a generic ESP32 Module or M5Stack. More details on the hardware setup are available in the Wiki.

Steps to install:

  1. Download ESPTools from https://github.com/espressif/esptool/releases
  2. Install ESPTools with python setup.py install
  3. Run esptool.py -b 921600 write_flash -fs 4MB -fm dout 0x0 homepoint_espgeneric.bin (or homepoint_m5stack.bin for M5Stack)

Alternatively, watch the installation video below:

HomePoint Installation demo

:house: Build from source

Homepoint was created using the ESP-IDF SDK.

Detailed build instructions are available in the Wiki.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Configuration

The configuration lives in data/config.json.

Devices & Scenes

HomePoint supports two types of Scenes with a selection of devices each:

Light, Switch (none, all devices expected to be switches)
Sensor display one or two values at once with customizable icons (singleValue / combinedValues)

Grouped Sensors support up to two devices (due to screen space).
Lights & Switches support an infinite number of devices in a group.

Some Sensors use JSON as a data-format, in which case a key can be defined. These can be on any level of the sensor json payload, for Tasmota smart plugs the key value "Power" can be used to display the current power consumption.

WiFi & MQTT Credentials

WiFi and MQTT credentials are to be defined on the top level.

NTP Time (optional)

In order to set the correct timezone, copy & paste your NTP TZ Setting to the timezone key.

Hardware (optional)

Some of the IL9341 Display units seem to differ in e.g. how the touch-screen coordinates correspond to the display or how the LED backlight is controlled. Therefore we offer some options to override the defaults in the configuration file.

Key Type Value
"ledPinPullup" Boolean true or false - control backlight power which can be pull-up/down depending on unit
"screenRotationAngle" Int The rotation parameter can be 0, 1, 2 or 3 - incrementing in 90deg angles
"screenSaverMinutes" Int Minutes until display is switched off (default 10)
"touchXAxisInverted" Bool default: false, invert the X Axis of the touch screen in case it is misaligned
"touchYAxisInverted" Bool default: true, invert the Y Axis of the touch screen in case it is misaligned
"displayColorInverted" Bool default: false, invert the colorspace (ie. for ILI9342C Displays)


MQTT Topics are case-sensitive as per MQTT specification.

  "wifi": "MyWifiSSID",
  "password": "My Wifi Password",
  "hostname": "optionalhostname",
  "login": "admin",
  "webpass": "admin",
  "mqttbroker": "mqtt://",
  "mqttusername": "mqttusername",
  "mqttpasswd": "mymqttpassword",
  "timezone": "CET-1CEST-2,M3.5.0/02:00:00,M10.5.0/03:00:00",
  "scenes": [{
    "name": "Living Room",
    "type": "Light",
    "icon": "livingroom",
    "devices": [{
      "name": "Some Light",
      "setTopic": "lights/hue/00:17:88:01:02:3c:2a:6d-0b/set/on",
      "getTopic": "hue/status/lights/Hue color lamp 1",
      "onValue": "true",
      "offValue": "false"
      "name": "Door Light",
      "setTopic": "lights/hue/00:17:88:01:02:3c:2a:6d-0b/set/on",
      "getTopic": "hue/status/lights/Hue color lamp 1",
      "onValue": "true",
      "offValue": "false",
      "icon": "door"
    "name": "Bedroom",
    "type": "Sensor",
    "icon": "door",
    "devices": [{
      "name": "Temperature DHT Sensor",
      "type": "singleValue",
      "jsondata": true,
      "firstIcon": "temperature_small",
      "firstKey": "temperature",
      "getTopic": "bedroom/esptemp"
      "name": "Tasmota Smart Plug",
      "type": "singleValue",
      "jsondata": true,
      "firstKey": "Power",
      "getTopic": "tele/DVES_2F73BE/SENSOR"

A more fully-configured example is available here.

:crystal_ball: Roadmap

:bug: Known bugs & issues :bug:

If you find any bugs or need assistance, don't hesitate and open an issue :)

:revolving_hearts: Contributing

Contributions are welcome! Just hack away and open a Pull Request. But please follow the style of the code that's already there (ie. no tabs, spacing).

:coffee: Buy me a coffee

I have developed HomePoint in my free time because I wanted to learn more about C++ on ESP32 and to solve a concrete problem in my smarthome.
As development kept on going, I thought about ways to make this project open source and more accessible and user-friendly for the maker-community.

If you enjoy using HomePoint or this work, consider a small donation. But don't worry, I'll continue working on this anyway ;-).



:scroll: License

MIT © Matthias Frick


Espressif ESP32 Based Smarthome screen for MQTT

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