Web development goes very fast. I still remember the moments when starting to use jQuery, Prototype,, Zepto and many more.

Nowadays, even if our application is powered by modern tools such as Angular, Vue, React, Svelte, .etc, we have to deal with DOM. The frameworks encapsulate and hide the DOM management directly, but still give us a door to work with DOM via ref, event handlers.

If you develop or use a web component in any framework, you have to work with DOM at a certain level.

Knowing the browser DOM APIs and how to use them play an important role in web development. A website introducing the APIs, well-known problems, most popular questions could be very useful.


  • No external library. Only native browsers' APIs
  • Small and easy to understand examples
  • Live demos
  • Many tips and good practices included
  • Many real use cases
  • Work with the modern browsers. Try to support IE 11

Running it on local

  1. Clone the project:
$ git clone
  1. Install the dependencies:
$ cd html-dom
$ npm install
  1. Run it on the local:
$ npm run dev

Look at the console to see the Local URL. Open it in your browser to see it in action.


This project is developed by Nguyen Huu Phuoc. I love building products and sharing knowledge.

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Common tasks of managing HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript. Give me 1 ⭐if it’s useful.

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