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Hummingbot is an open-source project that integrates cryptocurrency trading on both centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols. It allows users to run a client that executes customized, automated trading strategies for cryptocurrencies.

We created hummingbot to promote decentralized market-making: enabling members of the community to contribute to the liquidity and trading efficiency in cryptocurrency markets.

Supported centralized exchanges

logo id name ver doc
Binance binance Binance 3 API
Coinbase Pro coinbase_pro Coinbase Pro * API
Huobi Global huobi Huobi Global 1 API
Bittrex Global bittrex Bittrex Global 3 API
Liquid liquid Liquid 2 API
KuCoin kucoin KuCoin 1 API
Kraken kraken Kraken 1 API
Eterbase eterbase Eterbase * API crypto_com 2 API

Supported decentralized exchanges

logo id name ver doc
Radar Relay radar_relay Radar Relay 2 API

Community contributed exchange connectors

logo id name ver doc maintainer
Bamboo Relay bamboo_relay Bamboo Relay 3 API [email protected]
Dolomite dolomite Dolomite 1 API [email protected]

Currently available strategies

Strategy Test
Pure market making Build Status
Cross exchange market making Build Status
Arbitrage Build Status

Getting Started

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We welcome contributions from the community:

About us

Hummingbot was created and is maintained by CoinAlpha, Inc. We are a global team of engineers and traders.

  • License: Hummingbot is licensed under Apache 2.0.
  • Data collection: read important information regarding Hummingbot Data Collection.


Hummingbot: a client for crypto market making

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