I use Arch btw

"I use Arch btw" but it's a Turing-complete programming language.

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"I use Arch btw" is an esoteric programming language based on Brainfuck in which the Brainfuck commands have been replaced with the following keywords:

i, use, arch, linux, btw, by, the, way.

This repository contains the source code for an "I use Arch btw" C/C++ library and command-line interpreter, both written in C99.


On Unix-like systems, the Makefiles included in this repository can be used to build and install both the library and the interpreter:

Note: By default, built libraries are installed to /usr/local/lib, library headers are installed to /usr/local/include, and built executables are installed to /usr/local/bin.

$ make
$ sudo make install

The common DESTDIR and PREFIX Make flags are supported.

To uninstall the library and the interpreter:

$ sudo make uninstall


To interpret a file containing "I use Arch btw" source code:

$ i-use-arch-btw path/to/file.archbtw

Type this command to get the command-line interpreter's help message:

$ i-use-arch-btw -h



  • libiuab: C/C++ library
    • C99 standard library
  • i-use-arch-btw: command-line interpreter
    • C99 standard library
    • libiuab
    • unistd.h for getopt() and optind
    • time.h for clock_gettime(), CLOCK_MONOTONIC and struct timespec


You can use the global Makefile at the root of this repository to build everything:

$ make

To build everything but for debugging (generate debugging symbols):

$ make DEBUG=1

All build files/artifacts will be located in the build directory specified by the BUILDDIR Make variable, which is set to build by default.

To delete build files/artifacts:

$ make clean


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

I Use Arch Btw

"I use Arch btw" but it's a Turing-complete programming language.

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