Terminal setup

  • iTerm
  • Fish shell
  • bobthefish: theme with git status, timestamps, abbreviated path, flags, and more
  • desk: allows saving custom commands for various workspaces
  • fkill: fabulously kill processes
  • git-extras: additional git commands
  • git-standup: recall what you did on the last working day
  • gitflow-avh: gitflow branching model
  • httpstat: visualizes curl stats
  • rbenv
  • tab: control tabs from command line
  • thefuck: correct previous command
  • tldr: simplified man pages
  • z: jump around directories by frecency


  • Homebrew
  • Node

See Machine Hello for installation.

Nerd font

Nerd fonts are fonts patched with additional nerdy glyphs. I like the 'Hack' font.


Download here

  • Preferences
    • Appearance
      • Theme: Dark (High contrast)
    • Profiles
      • Text > Font > Select nerd font
    • Keys
      • Hotkeys > Tick: Show/hide iTerm2 with a system-wide hotkey
        • Set to All + \
      • Key Mappings > Add two new items;
        • Cmd + Right = Next pane
        • Cmd + Left = Previous pane

Color scheme

Many are available within this collection.

My favourite: 'Solarized dark high contrast'

  • Fetch them locally: git clone [email protected]:mbadolato/iTerm2-Color-Schemes.git /var/www/vendor/iTerm2-Color-Schemes
  • iTerm > Preferences > Profiles > Colors > Color Presets > Import
  • Select from /var/www/vendor/iTerm2-Color-Schemes/schemes
  • Select from dropdown after import



brew install fish

Tell system about new shell;

echo "/usr/local/bin/fish" | sudo tee -a /etc/shells

Set fish as default shell;

chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish

Now restart iTerm. Welcome to fish shell!


### Directories ###

mkdir ~/bin/

### Fish config ###

curl -o ~/.config/fish/config.fish https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iamturns/terminal-setup/master/config.fish

### Fisher ###

curl https://git.io/fisher --create-dirs -sLo ~/.config/fish/functions/fisher.fish

### Goodies ###

brew install git-extras
brew install git-flow-avh
fisher add oh-my-fish/plugin-git-flow
brew install httpstat
brew install thefuck
brew install desk ;and desk init
npm install -g fkill-cli
npm install -g git-standup
npm install -g tldr
fisher add edc/bass
fisher add oh-my-fish/plugin-tab
fisher add oh-my-fish/theme-bobthefish
fisher add jethrokuan/z



Fish it not supported by NVM, but is easy to fix.

Create an NVM function in ~/.config/fish/functions/nvm.fish

function nvm
    bass source ~/.nvm/nvm.sh --no-use ';' nvm $argv

All done!

Prepare yourself and restart iTerm :)

Usage & cheatsheet


Create / edit

desk edit {{name}}

File contents example;

# Description: Example description here.

example command to run on 'desk go' 1
example command to run on 'desk go' 2

# Example description for task below.
function say_hello
    echo Hello $argv


desk ls
desk go {{name}}
say_hello test


Easily kill tasks, see fkill --help

git extras

See full command list.

git standup

Simple: git standup

git flow


And accept all defaults;

git flow init -d

Start feature

git flow feature start {{name}}

Sync feature

git checkout develop
git pull
git rebase develop feature/{{name}}

Finish feature

  • Sync as above
  • Tweak and tidy git history
git flow feature finish --no-ff {{name}}
git checkout develop
git push


git flow release start {{version}}
git flow release finish {{version}}
git flow hotfix start {{version}}
git flow hotfix finish {{version}}


Open current directory in new tab;



tab [dir]
tab [cmd]
tab [dir] [cmd]
tab [-s|--split]


Type fuck after you've made a typo.


Simplified man pages;

tldr [cmd]


Jump around directories by frecency.

z [search]
z [search] [search2...]
z [-l|--list]

Custom functions

I prefix all my custom functions with z-, and have a private git repository which syncs all z-* functions when I run z-fish-functions-sync

First time setup

Setup an empty git repository online, then;

cd ~/.config/fish/functions/
git init
git remote add origin [new-git-repo-path]

echo "
" > .gitignore

echo "
function z-fish-functions-sync
  cd ~/.config/fish/functions/
  git add -A
  git commit -m "Sync"
  git pull --rebase
  git push
" > z-fish-functions-sync.fish

git add -A
git commit -m "First commit"
git push -u origin master

Setup on new machine

mv ~/.config/fish/functions ~/.config/fish/functions_bak
mkdir ~/.config/fish/functions
git clone [email protected]:iamturns/fish-functions.git ~/.config/fish/functions
mv ~/.config/fish/functions_bak/* ~/.config/fish/functions
rmdir ~/.config/fish/functions_bak


Create function prefixed with z-, eg: ~/.config/fish/functions/z-test.fish:

function z-test
    echo "It works!"

Sync with git repo using: z-fish-functions-sync

Terminal Setup

My terminal setup and config files

Terminal Setup Info

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