Convert the ICS calendar format to JSON data to consume in web apps.


import icsToJson from 'ics-to-json'

// Get ICS text however you like, example below
// Make sure you have the right CORS settings if needed
const convert = async (fileLocation) => {
    const icsRes = await fetch(fileLocation)
    const icsData = await icsRes.text()
    // Convert
    const data = icsToJson(icsData)
    return data


Result is an array of:

  startDate: '20180505T020000Z',
  endDate: '20180505T060000Z',
  description: 'Big Event!',
  location: 'The place!',
  summary: 'Summary!'


  • Ability to reverse conversion
  • Include the rest of the keys from the ICS format

Ics To JSon

📅 Convert ICS calendars (eg. Google Calendar) to an opinionated JSON format.

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